Elementary Japanese

Today in class we had to give a conversation performance presentation in front of the class. Honestly, I didn’t study much. I started a new job and have been so focused on mastering hiragana that I fell behind on what we were currently studying. That being said, I was able to complete it. The performance made me realize just how far I have to go. Although class has only been in session for a few weeks, I feel like I should know so much more. I can’t help but feel a little discouraged after the performance, but this just means I have to work that much harder to succeed and do well on my TOEIC test in December.


Author: Kat

Nerd. Travel. Japanese. Software Engineering.

3 thoughts on “Elementary Japanese”

  1. honestly, when I was taking Japanese in school, I constantly felt like I was falling behind, too. but in reality, I think you focusing on the hiragana first is a good thing! after all, that’s kinda the base of the language. Making sure you totally know that before diving full force into other aspects is honestly probably the right thing to do. learning languages is difficult, so don’t be too discouraged!

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